• A letter from an attorney
    is the answer.
  • You complete a checklist.
    We achieve due diligence.

The Benefits of RENTDOC

On our firm’s letterhead we will prepare your letter of demand based on the checklist you complete online.

Claim back the charges of the letters from your tenants!

Request your letter securely anytime from anywhere, no expensive consulting fees and appointments required.

Any time you require a Letter of Demand, simply complete the online checklist and we will immediately prepare the letter, sign and send for a fee of only R40 plus Vat. This cost is invoiced to you but can be claimed back from the tenant.

By getting you to complete an online checklist, we obtain all the facts needed to prepare your letter. Furthermore, it also assures you the letter will not be challenged in a court or tribunal due to an incorrect description of the facts. Inaccurate letters can seriously jeopardise an eviction, a lease cancellation or even a settlement of a matter invoking potential litigation and costs to the landlord, and even loss of income for the agent.

Additional costs of services may include:

-Cost of email sent on your behalf R10.00 Vat excl.
-By normal post sent on your behalf R10.00 Vat incl.
-By registered post sent on your behalf R30.00 Vat incl.
-Changes to the letter based on prior demands or cancellations sent or if the demand requires additional work: R40.00 Vat excl.
-Noting our diary to follow with up the tenant on your behalf: R20.00 Vat excl.

Alternatively, the signed letter can be scanned and emailed back to you at NO additional cost.

What People Say

  • “Great for peace of mind when you need clarity on the spot.
    Response time and attention to detail is fantastic!”

    JP Ricketts

    SEEFF | Atlantic Seaboard
  • “It has helped me resolve several disputes. It gives the landlords peace of mind.
    Marlon Shevelew and Associates, you are a real blessing to the E&V rental division.”

    Sheradine Moldenhauer

    ENGEL & VÖLKERS | Bryanston
  • “I am absolutely blown away by the level of service!
    Emails are answered immediately and you can always expect a little extra. Absolutely amazing”

    Linda Prigge

    PAM GOLDING | Hyde Park

Who we work with

  • Prime Letting
  • Pam Golding Properties
  • Just Property Group
  • Engel & Volkers
  • Rawson Properties
  • Real Net Properties
  • ReMax
  • Era Real Estate
  • Seeff
  • Sotheby's International Realty
  • Dormehl Property Group
  • Blue Ice Property
  • Only Rentals